In order to be protected from the effects of global warming increasing day by day, we have to control the arrival of the sun's rays to our house and every place we are in. Auto and building window films eliminate external factors that threaten your health. When you control the sun's rays with automobile and building window film applications, a high rate of air conditioning is saved during the summer months. In addition, window films applied to automobiles minimize the risk of injury by preventing the breakage of glass shards in case of accidents.

  1. Sun rays are harmful

    53% of the light entering through your window is infrared (IR), 44% is visible light (VL) and 3% is ultraviolet (UV) light. However, this small proportion of 3% is responsible for most of the damage caused by sunlight. When you choose to use window films to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, you will prevent the fading of the objects in your living space, save energy in your area, and most importantly, protect your body against skin cancer.

  2. Healthy lifestyle at your home

    In the face of the necessity of controlling the sunlight, ”window film” comes into play and plays an active role. Because window films prevent 99% of the UV light from entering. Thus, most of the problem is solved. However, the advantages of window film are not limited to this. Window films provide temperature control in your area, increase your security level.

  3. Temperature control

    When air conditioning is used in your vehicle for cooling purposes, your air conditioner consumes less power as the window films applied to the vehicle fulfill the task of thermal insulation. Therefore, they provide savings in fuel usage.

  4. Safety

    Your safety is provided by glass security. For any reason, the glass does not shatter when you break the glass and does not injure you. You can also make your windows armored by using a security film, and you can secure yourself against unwanted and unexpected situations, especially theft. Window film attaches importance to your safety.

  5. Different color options

    Your choice of color tone in residential window films ensures your privacy in a comfortable and peaceful way. With the help of window film applications, you can watch the outside clearly as the intensity of the light coming from outside decreases. For the outside, the situation is slightly different. From the outside, the interior of your space will be less visible or unvisible depending on the tone of the window film you use.