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The expression “Doctor visits if there is no sunlight in the house” is bygone.  Unfortunately, due to the facts of the ecological development of the world, we have to control the entry of the sunlight in all locations we are located. Window and building films eliminate external factors that threaten your health. While car window films and applications to be made to building can save you money, you can also use them for decoration purposes at the same time. In addition, window films applied to cars minimize the risk of injury in case of accident.

  1. The sun’s rays may be harmful

    53% of the light entering through your window is infrared (IR), 44% is visible light (VL) and 3% is ultraviolet (UV) light. However, this ratio of %3 which seems to be as small, is more responsible for the damages caused by the sunlight. In order to protect from harmful rays and to live better, you can have benefits by using window films to prevent the fading of the products in your living space and it provides area savings and most importantly it protects your body from the effects that can not be repaired such as skin cancer.


  2. Healthy life in your home

    “Window film” plays an active role against the necessity of controlling the sunlight. Therefore, window films prevent 99% of UV light from entering. Therefore, a large part of the problem is solved. However, the advantages of the window films do not stay with it. Windows films provide the heat control in your area and increase your security level.

  3. Heat control

    In the use of air conditioner for cooling inside your car, the window films applied to the car  act as heat insulation, so your air conditioner consumes less power. As a result, you save money on fuel use.

  4. Security

    Your life security is provided by windows security. In the windows with window film, your window is not shattered and does not hurt you when it is broken for any reason. If desired, you can also make your windows armored by using a security film and you can protect yourself against unwanted and unexpected situations, especially theft. The window film gives importance to your security.

  5. Different color options

    It provides you to be comfortable, peaceful by providing privacy in an area according to the color tone you have chosen in window and building films. The density of the incoming light is reduced by the application of the window film so you can see outside clearly. The situation is a bit different for outside. When viewed from the outside, the inside of the location shall be less visible or shall not be seen according to the tone of the window film you use.