Security Window Films

Security Window Films

It provides security against dangerous situations that may come from outside in homes, workplaces and public places.

In addition to natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes, it prevents the victimization of man-made events such as attacks and explosions. Made of transparent dense polyester compound, the safety window film forms a thin and transparent protective barrier against all these threats. Safety window films help protect you from the following situations:

  • Provides resistance to bomb explosions or malicious explosive materials.
  • Helps reduce shattered glass from disintegrating, reducing serious injury and possible indoor damage.
  • Saves time and supports security against theft.

Transparent safety window films provide 100% protection against harmful sun rays. It does not affect the natural appearance of the glass due to its transparency. Clear safety window films can be easily installed on all types of glass and provide long-term protection without maintenance.

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Thanks to its anti-graffiti feature, it protects the glass by reducing the costs of cleaning the glass for private and public buildings outdoors subject to vandalism and paint and graphic drawings. Provides extra protection against deep scratches on the glass.

The following abbreviations and descriptions of the PDF are as follows.

T: Tickness

VLT: Visible light transmittance

VLR: Visible Light Reflectance

SET: Solar Enegy Transmittance

SER: Solar Energy Reflectance

SEA: Solar Energy Absorbance

UVT: Ultra Violet Transmittance

GR: Glare Reduction

SC: Shading Coefficient


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