High Performence Window Films

High performance window films are developed to prevent high heat through the metallized layer. Provides maximum protection against harmful sun rays. Long lasting against scratching and fading. Thanks to its metallized layer, it also reflects solar heat. Metalized exterior appearance of your car’s glass. Partially prevents the inside of your vehicle from being seen from outside. It causes reflection when sunlight is intense.

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High performance window films reduce solar heat, reflection from harmful rays and glare. It also reduces heat loss in cold weather conditions.

High performance window films give a special look to the glass surface, giving your vehicle a special look.

Abbreviations and explanations of the PDF are as follows.

T: Tickness

VLT: Visible light transmittance

VLR: Visible Light Reflectance

SET: Solar Enegy Transmittance

SER: Solar Energy Reflectance

SEA: Solar Energy Absorbance

UVT: Ultra Violet Transmittance

GR: Glare Reduction

SC: Shading Coefficient

TSER: Total Solar Energy Reduction


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