Reflective Window Films

Reflective window films have a mirror-like appearance with a partially transparent metal layer and are also known as mirrored window films. It is coated with a micro-thin, partially transparent metal layer and looks like a mirror. They prevent external illumination during the day (light intensity side) and vice versa during the night. Total solar energy absorption and reflectance is high. It has high heat cutting feature. Mirrored window films are available in 15%, 20%, 35% and 50% shades of bronze, silver, gray and reverse mirror.

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Bronze Reflective Window Films

They preferably find use in thermal insulation and aesthetics in the windows of high-rise buildings. Bronze reflective window films add realistic aesthetics to the exterior of the buildings, as well as the fact that their colors do not fade for many years provides an advantage in terms of usage time.

Silver Reflective Window Films

Silver or otherwise gray mirror glass films provide a high degree of performance in the reflection and absorption of solar thermal energy. The task of the window film is to ensure that light penetrates to a minimum level in the architectural structures where it is applied. It adds aesthetics to the applied architecture. The glass prevents disintegration against bursting and breakage and provides health protection against injury. The most preferred color tones in areas where it is applied are 15%, 20%, 35%. Mirrored window films are applied to the glass surface of the interior or exterior of buildings. Silver films 50 and 70 are applied from the outer surface of the glass and provide high performance against the penetration of visible light in architectural structures. Areas of application; high-rise exterior glass architectural structures, hotels, harbors, security buildings of public housing projects, showrooms, dry cargo warehouses, pharmaceutical industry buildings, residences.

The inner area cannot be seen from the outside as the glass film is partially reflective when viewed from the outside where the light intensity is high in the interior area where the mirror glass films are applied and the light intensity is low. Although it has a metalized structure, it provides serious protection against the UV rays of the sun.

Dual Reflective Window Film

It shows high performance in blocking heat. Reflective window films can be applied from inside or outside the glass. Reverse-mirrored window films are the most highly capable of preventing total solar energy heat. It is guaranteed for at least 5 years against scratching and fading in the application areas. It is an ideal option for improving security and aesthetics in residential and commercial projects. It maintains the heat energy against the thermal insulation in the architectural structures to which it is applied.

Such window films tend to give a special appearance to any glass surface. The following abbreviations and descriptions of the PDF are as follows.

T: Tickness

VLT: Visible light transmittance

VLR: Visible Light Reflectance

SET: Solar Enegy Transmittance

SER: Solar Energy Reflectance

SEA: Solar Energy Absorbance

UVT: Ultra Violet Transmittance

GR: Glare Reduction

SC: Shading Coefficient

TSER: Total Solar Energy Reduction

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