Solar Control Window Films

None reflective window films prevent heat and reflection. It helps to regulate the temperature balance in the vehicle and saves air conditioning. It increases your comfort and prevents sharp and disturbing reflections of sunlight. Increases the insulation performance of the glass and reduces heat caused by the glass. It reduces the cooling cost by reflecting some of the heat caused by sunlight in hot climates. Heat control window films prevent UV rays from damaging. Solar control window films provide 100% protection against UV rays that could damage your vehicle’s fabric or skin. Adds style to your vehicle. Adds partial privacy by providing light dimming.

solar control


Abbreviations and explanations of the PDF are as follows.

T: Tickness

VLT: Visible light transmittance

VLR: Visible Light Reflectance

SET: Solar Enegy Transmittance

SER: Solar Energy Reflectance

SEA: Solar Energy Absorbance

UVT: Ultra Violet Transmittance

GR: Glare Reduction

SC: Shading Coefficient

TSER: Total Solar Energy Reduction
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