Special Window Films

Visuality is a prerequisite for window film application areas. We offer special solutions to users with a wide range of products that can provide space privacy with visuality in window film applications in buildings. The most common method of securing privacy is using curtains. Although the purpose of window blinds is to provide privacy, their biggest disadvantage is that they do not clearly see the outside atmosphere. Special building window films will be applied in the building health and safety benefits. Provides protection against harmful sun rays. Special building window films are more advantageous than other methods in terms of cost and visual aesthetics. In the sense of security, special building window films keep the glass together in spite of the breaking of the glass in case of breaking glass. In addition, it helps protect you from broken glass. Special building window films definitely add a visual aesthetic to your home and office, protect the heat inside, prevent glare, protect you and your belongings against the harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays of the sun. The biggest advantage of special building glass films is that it prevents you from seeing from the outside and allows you to see from the inside to the outside.

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Matt White

The most prominent feature of this window film is that it allows partial blocking of the sun’s harmful light and visible light. The color of the film is opaque white, but it can be used as decorative in addition to plain white. Matt white window film provides a frosted and slightly blurred glass appearance on the applied glass, preventing the inside view from outside. Opaque white matt window films look beautiful and stylish in appearance, as well as prevent the glass from breaking in case of breakage. It is among the first choices in terms of security. Even if there is no pattern in matt white window films, it is also used as patterned glass film if there is no flat glass. Because the window film is misted, it is not known as matt white window film, but in some places it is also known as frosted window film. Usage areas; It can be used in office partitions, shower cabin coverings, showcase partitions of stores, children’s rooms, in designs with logo or pictures.

Matt Silver

Reversed mirror matt silver is also known as gray frosted window film. Visually and aesthetically useful. It prevents the breakage and breakdown of the glass, but it provides high insulation by reflecting the sun heat in the intense hot summer days thanks to the reverse mirror surface. Food storage areas, pharmaceutical warehouses, bakery selling bakery products, office and building floors are mainly used. The most prominent feature of this window film is that the reflective mirror surface remains on the outer surface of the glass. It provides thermal insulation around 80%. Used for 24/7 privacy.


The most distinctive feature of the product is that it completely prevents the appearance of the inside and provides total privacy. If the product is applied from the inside, the black film attracts dust, so there is no problem with wiping when cleaning. It can be applied to certain doors or cabinets of the house as well as application to glass. Therefore, it adds value to your goods in terms of visuality. Prevents dispersion in case of glass breakage. It is easy to apply and can be easily removed at any time.

Such window films tend to give a special appearance to any glass surface. The following abbreviations and descriptions of the PDF are as follows.

T: Tickness

VLT: Visible light transmittance

VLR: Visible Light Reflectance

SET: Solar Enegy Transmittance

SER: Solar Energy Reflectance

SEA: Solar Energy Absorbance

UVT: Ultra Violet Transmittance

GR: Glare Reduction

SC: Shading Coefficient

TSER: Total Solar Energy Reduction
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